The Toolbox - Let's unpack Vasarely together | Vasarely and what inspired him

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Important Information:The link for the program is at the bottom of the ticket on the PDF. It appears in a box after the general information. (Details at the end of the text).

The Toolbox - Let's unpack Vasarely together

The Toolbox is an English language discussion based hour when participants view works of art from the collection, share what they notice, and exchange their thoughts and ideas. Find out which tools Vasarely, a major figure in kinetic art, used to create the illusion of movement in the paintings, prints and objects he designed. Use the tools of looking at art, thinking about it, and discussing our ideas to explore and enjoy the art presented.

Monday, 12th April 10.30 AM
Tuesday, 20th April 10.30 AM
Thursday, 29th April 10.30 AM

Ticket price is 2.000 HUF/person, period 90 min.

The link for the program is at the bottom of the ticket which appears as a PDF. It can be found in a box after the general information. It appears right after purchasing a ticket by clicking Downloaded tickets. You will also find the ticket in your Jegymester account. Log in with the email address and password you used when purchasing the ticket. Click on your name to enter the User Corner. Choose Wallet to see your current tickets. Press Downloaded tickets to see your ticket and the ZOOM link. After purchasing the ticket, you will get an email from Jegymester. The Zoom link is NOT INCLUDED in the email. Instead, the link brings your back to Jegymester where you can Log in and follow the directions above.

The online program uses the ZOOM platform. Therefore, the link begins with When joining, you are automatically placed in the waiting room until the person facilitating the program allows you to join. You will see an English language text letting you know that you are in the waiting room. Before the program begins, the facilitator logs in and then lets the participants in.

If you have problems connecting, please call +36 70 507 5131.

We ensure that you may join the program up until 10 minutes after the program has started.

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